Chibi Tarot Stickers from Ashwood Arts!

Chibi Nation, BIG NEWS: You can now get the Chibi Tarot stickers that you’ve longed for. Ashwood Arts has created 4 sticker sets of officially licensed Chibi Tarot stickers! They look amazing! Brigid and I have worked really hard on these and they’re incredible. Whether you need them for your journal, planner or just something […]

Contemporary Illustrated Tarots

You’ll not be surprised that I am a fan of contemporary illustrated tarots decks, though you might be surprised by how many of them there are. There has been a strong current of contemporary illustrators taking on the challenge of illustrating tarot cards in the last few years and the results are, for the most […]

Change of Direction

There’s nothing more irritating than starting over. Professional artists do it all the time. Dan Clowes has said that it’s better to redraw an entire page than to regret it when the piece comes out. I don’t like agreeing with him (he’s one of my least favorite visual storytellers), but in this case I’m forced […]